sunnuntai 7. helmikuuta 2016

A starting point

A rock dude decided to finally learn a classical piece on piano. This is the result of practice day #1.


perjantai 5. helmikuuta 2016

A year in music & running around...

Every day I keep adding songs to the Spotify list, always something that I've been listening to or somehow encountered during that day. It's mostly just for my own fun, but go ahead and listen if you feel like jumping into my earphones for awhile. :) January was work, rush, hurry and pre-production. Now it's February - should be FAWM, but for me it's work, rush, recordings, production, power ballads ...and perhaps something ready by the end of the month. We'll see. Enjoy life when you're busy, I do!

keskiviikko 13. tammikuuta 2016

2016 - A year in music 9-13/366

Another five days of great music from here & there.

I was looking for a song and ended up browsing through the Toto albums.
I had to sit by the piano and play along. I’ve always loved this feeling in this song,

and specially the chord progression. 

What is Finnish pop and rock now? This is one example. It's summer, it's love, it's melody and feeling. It's knowing where you come from and how to stand on the shoulders of giants. I've always admired this young man!

What a terrible piece of news in the morning. David Bowie has died. Ziggy is gone. The stars look very different today. This is his goodbye to us. R.I.P. true genius and superstar.

I love italian music, almost everything. This is something I would love to be able to write - in any language.

Another example of pop music in Finland. There is nothing to worry when we have talented young people like singer-songwriter Sanni and her producer Hank Solo.

perjantai 8. tammikuuta 2016

2016 - A year in music 6-8/366

I was watching a Finnish music show from the 70's. The Finnish broadcasting company YLE holds a magnificient archive where you can escape years back - like this time I went into December 1976. The show Iltatähti was about the music year, and among it's songs there was this: a track from the solo album of guitarist Nono Söderberg. Guys, this was (almost) popmusic in the 70's! I love it.

 I always love a good melody and in pop music melody (and feeling) are essential. I think this is a good example of today's popmusic. It's stuck in my head. It means it's good.

 I couldn't sleep last night so I took my iPad and read the first chapter of Paul Stanley's Face the Music. It is an honest book about a guy who has lived the American dream - from rags to richez, from being the one-ear-monster with no friends to the Starchild everyone admires. I've always loved Paul Stanley because of his positivity towards things, people, life. He's the original good guy, the hero the world needs. Somehow this song was the first on my mind when I woke up.

Lauluntekijäklubit rules!

Samettiklubi täytti marraskuussa 14 vuotta ja edelleen iltamiin saapuu joka kerta uusia hienoja lauluntekijöitä esittelemään biisejään ja kertomaan niiden synnystä. Samettiklubi järjestetään nyt keväällä 2016 joka kuun ensimmäisenä tiistaina On the Rocksissa.

Uusi lauluntekijäklubi Harmonia toimii niin ikään kerran kuussa Kotkassa, Pub Jaakossa. Saan itse kunnian esiintyä siellä 11. maaliskuuta. Näin kertoo Harmonia-lauluntekijäklubin tiedote:

Harmoniaklubi - ja niin syntyi laulu!

Tammikuusta alkaen Pub Jaakon lavalla nähdään lauluntekijöitä läheltä ja kaukaa!

Vanhat konkarit ja uudet tuttavuudet esittävät omia biisejään ja kertovat niiden synnystä. Keikan jälkeen lavalla on tilaa myös SINULLE, joka haluat esittää omaa tuotantoasi kotkalaiselle yleisölle ;-) Jos mielit lavalle niin ota pikapikaa yhteyttä facebookissa Pub Jaakon sivujen kautta TAI suoraan Sanna Pekoseen/Johanna von Hertzeniin.

Klubi-illat avaa paikallinen laulaja-lauluntekijä Sanna Pekonen.

Kotkalaisyleisölle kerrottakoon etukäteen seuraavaa:

Musiikkialan monitoimija Luca Gargano on pyörittänyt omaa lauluntekijäklubiaan Samettiklubia syksystä 2001 lähtien. Ensimmäiset omat biisit on rustattu jo 1980-luvun puolella, ja julkaistuna on monenlaista poppia, rokkia ja musikaalibiisejäkin. Joku on saattanut kuulla Lucan alter egoa Koskelaista, jotkut saattavat myös muistaa Ari Koivusen levylle tehtyjä biisejä.

Harmonia-klubilla tullaan kuulemaan Lucan tuotantoa laidasta laitaan sekä erilaisia tapoja lähestyä biisintekemistä. Tällä hetkellä työn alla on uusia levytyksiä, eli klubilla kuullaan jopa neljällä eri vuosikymmenellä tehtyjä lauluja. Luvassa on myös vinkkejä lauluntekijöille.

Nähdään lauluntekijäklubeilla!

tiistai 5. tammikuuta 2016

2016 - A year in music 5/366

This time we go with a video!

It's a very cold and sunny winter day, the temperature outside is below 20 Celsius degrees.  Music has a strong nostalgic power, and sometimes a song can bring you years back to where you first heard it or where it played an important role in your life - or was the soundtrack of major events in your life.

This time I remember a day exactly like this one, cold and sunny. I was at home in Porvoo, I was 14 but didn't go to school that day - I can't remember weather I was sick or if it was weekend. I was watching music videos from Sky Channel (We didn't have MTV in Finland in 1987) as this came on. I was blown away. I mean I knew AC/DC already and I even had a couple of their albums, but only now I realized rock can be loud, fun, entertaining, self-ironic and cool at the same time. And they have "the Italian mother" at the end too. Or in Finland she would be called "Justiina".  I re-watched the video so many times my VHS tape was all worn out.

So today when I saw the weather outside, I knew I'd be staying indoors and this song has to be the song of the day. Enjoy!

maanantai 4. tammikuuta 2016

2016 - A year in music 4/366

It's Monday. I'm at work. The radio is on. Thin Lizzy. Today's the date of Phil Lynott's death. I wonder why with some artists you always celebrate their birthday and with others their death. And with John Lennon we always celebrate both.

Here's something that I often find myself jamming when trying guitars or sounds.